Dear All, We @ Shikhar VEDH  has arranged a 1 day trip to  KAAS Plateau Valley of Flowers – Maharashtra along-with visit to Thoseghar waterfall, Windmills @ Chalkewadi & Bara Motechi Vihir @ Limb  as well . Hope 2 cu on trip with us . Details r as follows  Brief Introduction about Kaas Valley KAAS PLATEAU: A wonderful outing to explore the colourful world of flowers … valley of […]


Dear All, . We @ शिखर वेध has planned two days Tour to Biggest Land Fort In Maharashtra Naldurg Fort and visits to Paranda Fort, Solapur Fort, Siddheshwar Temple @ Solapur & Tuljabhavani Mata Temple @ Tuljapur  . About Naldurg Fort Naldurg which was formerly a district headquarter is situated about 50 Kms. south-east of Osmanabad. The fort which is an interesting place has enclosed a […]


Dear All, We @ शिखर वेध have planned yet another trek to Nimgiri – Hanumantgad & Naneghat Hope 2 cu on trek with me Details r as follows . Brief Introduction about Nimgiri / Hanumantgad / Naneghat:- Height:  3450 / 3460 / 2461 feet Grade:  Easy Time: ~ Maximum 4 hrs from Khandipada, Base Village Location: Nagar District Nimgiri […]