Dear all,   We @ शिखर वेध are glad to announce its Chandgad – Nesari – Gargoti region forts exploration Trek event on 29-31 October 2016 … Hope 2 c u there 2 NJoy   Brief Intro about tour:   Grade           : Easy Destination   : Vallabhgad, Samangad, Nesari-Kandewadi, Gandharvgad, Kalanidhigad, Pargad, Mahipalgad, Bhudargad, Rangna Date             : Friday 28th October 2016 (Night Departure) – Tuesday 1st November 2016 […]

Dear All, We @ शिखर वेध has arranged one day Kalu Waterfall Trek on Sunday 23 October 2016 …  Hope 2 cu on trek with us to NJoy Brief Introduction about Kalu Waterfall: Grade: Easy Time: ~ 2.5 hrs from Base Village – Savarne Location: Malshej Kalu Waterfall: This is very famous waterfall in the Malshej region. Total height is about 1200 feet, drops in about five patches. The trek […]

Dear All, We @ शिखर वेध has arranged Vasota Jungle Trek & Lakeside camping And a visit to Kaas Plateau on 22 – 23 October 2016 … Hope 2 cu on trek with us to NJoy Brief Introduction about Vasota – Nageshwar: Height: 4267 feet Grade: Easy but Endurance level is little more as have to descend on same day Time: ~ 2 hrs from […]

Dear All We @ शिखर वेध is glad to announce Moonlight Night trek 2 Kalvantin durg on Kojagiri Pournima 15-16 October 2016 . The cost of this trek would be Rs. 600/- per head That would include: Panvel to Panvel transportation, Morning Breakfast – Tea on Sunday, & Shikhar Vedh administrative charges Hope 2 c u there 2 NJoy… . […]

Dear All, We @ शिखर वेध is glad to announce Kojagiri Pournima – Moonlight Night trek to Rajmachi on 15-16 October 2016 … Hope 2 c u there 2 NJoy … .Rajmachi, located in the Lonavala region is accessible from both Karjat as well as Lonavala. The village of Udhewadi lies on the massive plateau that greets one […]

Dear All, We @ शिखर वेध has arranged much awaited Rajgad to Torna range Trek & Tented Camping on Kojagiri Pournima 15-16 October 2016 Cost of the event :: Rs 2200/- per head Dadar 2 Dadar by private vehicle, FOOD & Tented Accommodation . Brief Introduction about Rajgad / Torna:- Height:  4182 ft / 4200 ft Grade:  Medium/Medium Time: ~ Maximum 2 / 3 hrs from base villages Gunjavane / Velhe Location: Pune RAJGAD – The […]

Dear All , We @ SHIKHAR VEDH invite you to trek to little explored ANDHARBAN on 9th October 2016 starting on 8th October 2016 night . As the name is the jungle, so dense and dark that at some places the sun-rays don’t reach to ground at noon time as well and one may not find any route out of it if lost. . Jungle […]

Dear All, We @ Shikhar VEDH has arranged a 1 day trip to KAAS Plateau Valley of Flowers – Maharashtra along-with visit to Thosegar waterfall as well on Sunday 2 October 2016 Hope 2 cu on trip with us . Details r as follows Brief Introduction about Kaas Valley . KAAS PLATEAU: A wonderful outing to explore the colourful world of flowers … valley of flowers in Maharashtra  where hundreds of varieties of wild […]

Dear all,  We @ शिखर वेध invites you for a 2 day trek to Majestic Sudhagad & Sarasgad on 8 – 9 October 2016 Hope 2 c u with us on Trek with us Details r as follows Brief Introduction about Sudhagad / Sarasgad : – Height: ~ 1600  / 2030 feet Grade:  Easy Time: ~ 2 Hrs from Pachhapur, Thakurwadi / Max 1.5 hrs from […]