Dear all,   We @ शिखर वेध are glad to announce its Chandgad – Nesari – Gargoti region forts exploration Trek event … Hope 2 c u there 2 NJoy   Brief Intro about tour:   Grade           : Easy Destination   : Vallabhgad, Samangad, Nesari-Kandewadi, Gandharvgad, Kalanidhigad, Pargad, Mahipalgad, Bhudargad Cost per Person:  4550/- per head (Kolhapur to Kolhapur)  Maximum 15 Participants NOTE :: Mumbai , Pune […]

We @ शिखर वेध is glad to announce  trek 2 Prabalmachi & Camping . The cost of this trek would be Rs. 1300/- per head That would include: Panvel to Panvel transportation, Morning Breakfast – Tea on Sunday, 1 Veg meal on Saturday night dinner, Tented Accommodation on sharing basis with Mat & Blanket, & Shikhar Vedh administrative charges Hope […]

Dear All, We @ शिखरवेध has arranged on demand a 2 day Spiritual Trip to Akkalkot – Gangapur – Tuljapur & Pandharpur Hope 2 c u on Trip . Brief Intro about Places:- Sri Kshetra Akkalkot – Believed to be an incarnation of Shri Dattatreya the name of this spiritual master, popularly called Swami Samarth, […]