Dear All, शिखर वेध have planned Panhala-Pavankhind-Vishalgad Padbhraman Mohim on 15-17th July 2011. This Mohim commomerates Shivaji’s escape from the besieged Panhala to the safety of Vishalgad . History: Panhala-Pavankhind-Vishalgad Chatrapati Shivaji was under siege of Siddi Johar on Panhala fort from 2nd March 1660. The siege lasted long and all food stocks had finished […]

Dear All, After two continuous night Trek, शिखर वेध has arranged a one day Trek To little explored South Gujrat region – Parner, Arjungad & Bhilad Forts on Sunday 29th May 2011 … Hope 2 c u on trek … Itinerary for the trek is as follows Sunday 29 May 2011 Catch 2nd last suburban […]