Bidar Fort

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We @ Shikhar vedh has arranged a Tour to an offbeat destination Bidar – Basavkalyan

COST of the tour : 

Rs. 7500/- per person ( Mumbai to Mumbai )

Rs. 6500/- per person (Pune to Pune)

 & would include:

  1. Travel  by private vehicle
  2. Accommodation in triple sharing basis in hotel
  3. Sightseeing around Bidar & Basavkalyan
  4. Veg Food for 2 days B, L , D
  5. All Entry Fees and Guide Charges (Except camera fee if any)
  6. Shikhar Vedh Administrative charges


About the places -

Bidar Fort :: The Bidar fort is a specimen of the Persian architectural style having 1.21 km in length and 0.80 km in breadth, with a quadrangular layout. Surrounded by three miles long walls and comprising 37 bastions, it is surrounded by a triple moat.

There are seven gates in the fort. The dominant main gate exhibits Persian style architecture. The Gumbad Darwaza depicts arches with stilted size, also in Persian style. The Sherza Darwaza, the second gate of entry depicts two images of tigers carved on its fascia. The other gates are the Fateh Gate on the south, Talghat Gate in the east, Delhi Gate and Mandu Gate. The prominent bastion at the entry is known as the Munda Burj with guns positioned on it.

Within the fort complex, there is an old city, with monuments and structures from Bahamian era. Among these monuments, Gagan Mahal, Rangin Mahal and Tarkash Mahal are most popular. Jami Masjid and Solah Khamba Masjid are the two notable mosques constructed within the fort.

The inner section of the fort behind Solah Khamba Mosque has few wonderful monuments like Diwan-i-Am (also known as Jali Mahal) was a Public Audience hall built by Bahamani Sultans in 14th-15th centuries. It is currently in ruins. The Jalis can be still in the upper windows of the structure.

Beside the Diwan-i-Am is a wonderful structure known as Diwan-i-Khass also called Takht Mahal or Throne Palace. It was built by Bahamani Sultan Ahmad Shah between 1422-1436. This is the place where coronation of several Bahamani and Barid Shahi sultans was taken place. The palace used to be adorned with beautifully colored tiles and stone carvings part of which can be still seen on the arches. This structure is closed for public and the outer sections can be seen from outside.

Behind Diwan-i-Khass, an old temple known as Valkoti Bhavani temple exists along with few settlements.


Basavakalyan Fort: is considered to be one of the oldest and most imposing forts in South India. It was built by King Nalaraja in the 10th century. Basavakalyan, earlier known as Kalyani, was the royal capital of the Western Chalukyan

The fort is strategically built as a defensive structure, with inter-connecting boulders scattered on the hills with strong fort walls. The fort has seven gates, five of them are in perfect condition. At the entrance there is a solid arch with balconies which can be accessed by steps on both sides. The main gate to the citadel is known as the Akhand Darwaza and has been built with four red stone slabs. There is a temple adjoining the Rajmahal palace and a square pond in front of the temple, towards the west side of the temple is the Rani Mahal.

The majority of the places in the fort are now in ruins, the only maintained structure that can be found here is the mosque as an Urdu school is running here. The museum adjoining the fort has a number of Jain idols which belong to the 10th and 11th centuries. There is a large cannon placed at one of the bastions of the fort.


Rendezvous: Dadar / Thane @ 20:00 Hrs on Friday 

The itinerary for the event is given below:

Day 0: Friday 

Depart Mumbai by private vehicle @ 20:00 Hrs

Pune Pick up @ 23:00 Hrs

Day 1: Saturday

Arrive in Bidar @ 08:00 hrs

Check in Hotel, Freshen up & have breakfast

leave by 10:00 am for Bidar Sightseeing

Sightseeing:  Bidar Fort

(Rangin Mahal, Solah Khambh Masjid, Gagan Mahal, Diwan-e-aam, Royal Pavillion, Tarkash Mahal)

14;00 hrs : Lunch – Time

Guru Jhira Sahib, Bahmani Ruler tombs, Barid Shahi Tombs, Madrassa of Mahmud Gawan, Chaubara, Deva Deva Vana,

Dinner & Overnight @ Hotel

Day 2: Sunday

Wake by early by 06.00 hrs & finish with Morning ablutions & Breakfast.

Sightseeing: Narasimha Jharni Temple, breakfast,

10:00 Hrs: Leave for Basavakalyan (2 hrs)

12 :00 Hrs : Visit Basavanna Statue – Explore the cave

Lunch @ Basavakalyan

Visit Basavakalyan Fort & Museum

16:30 Hrs : Leave Basavakalyan

Dinner on the way

23:30 Hrs : @ Pune

Day 3: Monday

04:30 Hrs :: Reach Dadar


COST of the tour : 

Rs. 7500/- per person ( Mumbai to Mumbai )

Rs. 6500/- per person (Pune to Pune)

 & would include:

  1. Travel  by private vehicle AC
  2. Accommodation in triple sharing basis in hotel
  3. Sightseeing around Bidar & Basavkalyan
  4. Veg Food for 2 days B, L , D
  5. All Entry Fees and Guide Charges (Except camera fee if any)
  6. Shikhar Vedh Administrative charges

Note: One has to pay Advance Rs 4500/- pp (non-refundable) in advance to register for this event.

Name: Jagadish Govind Patil

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A/C Type: Savings

Bank & Branch: ICICI BANK, Vartaknagar – Thane Branch

RTGS / IFSC Code: ICIC0000268


Googlepay : 9702121373


Last date to confirm with advance payment till the batch is full

The Tour is ON with minimum 5 participants

Here is a list of the things to be carried by every individual -

> A haversack to put in all the stuffs

> At least 2 Liters of water
> Two-three set of clothes, Towel / Napkin
> Binoculars, Camera, Something to munch on (Optional)
> Torch with extra set of batterries
> Personal medicines required if any
> Identity Proof

To register for this event, contact us – 

Jagdish Patil: 9702121373 / 9869369836

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