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We @ शिखर वेध  has arranged A one day WOMEN SPECIAL TREK/TRIP to Kelwe-Palghar region on Sunday 6 March 2016
This is the 7th consecutive year SHIKHAR VEDH is organizing Women Special Event (on occasion of International Women Day celebrated on 8 March )

Brief Introduction about Kelwe/Shirgaon/Mahim Forts: –
Grade:  Simple
Location: Safale – Kelwe – Palghar region


SHIRGAON FORT: Entrance thru the main darwaja at the north-eastern part of the fort. This fort resembles Muslim architecture with its dome shaped bastions. Just at the entrance on the right-side are inscriptions dating the origin of this fort to 1714 A.D. As we enter the fort, we find that most of the area is now in ruins. There are 5 bastions on the fort. Climb the dome-shaped, north-eastern bastion which is in good condition and overlooks the road. Walking on the ramparts we head to the bigger bastion which is on the north side. This bastion is also dome-shaped with 5 pillars and is in excellent condition. Both these bastions have small doors to enter and have about 5 pillars running in a semi-circular pattern. The bastion at the north-western end is broken. Check out the south eastern bastion. which is open and does not have a dome. We then move towards the south-western bastion which is also in a broken condition. The area inside the fort between the north-west and south-west bastions houses 5 rooms which are open and in complete ruins.
There are plenty of cells and tunnels inside the fort and most of them are secret ones and yet to be found. Some of the cells/rooms were used as godowns. Another important thing that we noticed was that there were no water tanks or wells in the fort. Quite strange! The sea water touches the fort on the western side.
MAHIM FORT: In 1739, Chimaji Appa started his occupation on the fort and the area around. At that time there were just 60 soilders and 15 cannons on the fort.While on Medekot (small fortification/bastion made of wood), next to the fort, there was a Portuguese captian and 30 soilders. The Mahim fort entrance was supported by 2 pentagonal shaped bastions and the cannons were well placed on these bastions. These bastions are now completely broken and in ruins. Inspite of all this, the fort fell in the hands of the Marathas.
In 1818, the British won this fort, and they have described this fort with 10mtrs high fortwalls and an approx area of 75 sq.mtrs. Till 1862, this fort was kept in extremely good condition. Even the collector of Thane district used to live in the fort premises. The Mahim fort used to be of strategic importance & in the olden days this fort used to be a major hub for all land and sea trade happening between Vasai & Mumbai.

Fort Kelve  : This fort was initially surrounded by sea, but is now on the coast due to reduced sea level. In 1739, the Marathas conquered the fort on 10th of January in the “Campaign of Vasai”.
The fort walls and entrances were buried under sand, until in 2008-09, a group of people under the group “Kille Vasai Mohim” cleaned up the sand and the entrances. Today, we have to enter crawling through the partially blocked entrance to the first level. Entering the second door we reach the backside of the fort. There are 4 amazing bastions on 4 sides, shaped triangular. These have windows and holes for guns. It takes less than an hour to see the fort.

Fort Kelve (PAANKOT) : This fort is rectangular in shape (75ft long and 40ft in breadth) & from a distance the fort looks like a ship. At the western end of the of the fort we see a wall that separates a small part of the fort. The door used to exist but now in place one finds only a broken arch. On the left we can find a fresh water tank. The broken arch leads us into the balekilla which is like a huge watch tower 2 storeyed, but completely open and ruined.

Itinerary Details: -.

SUNDAY 6 March 2016
Meeting point : Palghar Railway Station

The CHURCHGATE – VIRAR local train timings are given as below: – Its a FAST local 
Churchgate            : 06:08 Hrs,
Mumbai Central     : 06:18 Hrs,
Dadar                     : 06:25 Hrs,
Bandra                   : 06:31 Hrs,
Andheri                  : 06:39 Hrs,
Borivali                  : 06:54 Hrs,
Mira Road              : 07:03 Hrs,
Vasai                     : 07:19 Hrs,
Virar                      : 07:31 Hrs,
Please board in 1st compartment VIRAR end side as we Have to take 07:40 Hrs VIRAR – SURAT shuttle
Pls do keep 5 minutes buffer time due to recent changes in railway time table … Pls do carry ur return tickets till Palghar

07:40 Hrs : Virar
07:50 Hrs : Vaitarna
08:00 Hrs : Safale

08:06 Hrs : Kelve
08:15 Hrs : Palghar
Breakfast Tea – Time
Move to Shirgaon Fort by Tumtum
10:00 Hrs: @ Shirgaon Fort

1.5 Hr time for Exploration
12:00 Hrs: @ Mahim Fort
Exploration time
13:00 Hrs : @ ShitlaDevi Mandir , Kelva
Lunch, Rest Time

15:00 Hrs: @ Kelve fort ,

Exploration time

Fun time @ beach
17:15 Hrs: Move 2 Kelve station by tumtum
Return Journey to Virar by 18:15 hrs OR 19:15 hrs Shuttle … From there to Mumbai by local train
We will be back in Mumbai around 21:30 Hrs (Thts subjective) …

The Estimated expenditure is about Rs. 700 / – per head
This includes Full day Local Transportation from Palghar & Back 2 Kelve stationMorning Breakfast + Tea, LUNCH (VEG) & Evening Tea/ coffee;

Things To Carry: -

Pls do carry A Water Bottle (~2 liters a must)
Camera, Cell Phone (Optional)
Pls avoid wearing Gold and other ornaments
Some ready to eat food. Plum cakes, Biscuits etc.
Medicine those if u require usually (Optional)

A haversack to put all these things

For any Clarification and further information call on

Sonia Anchan : 09892813235

Poonam Angre  : 09869441508

Supriya Choudhari : 09881843813

Shraddha Shenvi  : 09820822725
If any of these don’t pick up the call, leave sms with your name and confirmation.

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