Dear All,

We @ शिखर वेध has arranged 2 day trek to Sarasgad and Sudhagad near Pali on Saturday Sunday 12-13 January 2013

Hope to c u on trek :-)

Details r as follows

Brief Introduction about Sarasgad / Sudhagad: -

Height: ~ 1600  / 2030 feet
Grade:  Easy

Time: ~ Max 1.5 hrs from Pali / 2 Hrs from Pachhapur, Thakurwadi
Location: Pali, Raigad District
SARASGAD: Pali, one out of the eight “Ashtavinayak” Ganesh Temples is also the place where Sarasgad is located.
Lord Ganesh of Pali is named ‘Ballaleshwar’ and located just behind the temple can be seen the ramparts of Sarasgad fort.
The fort was mainly used to keep a check on the surrounding regions. From the fort, Pali and all surrounding areas can be seen. Shivaji Maharaj brought this fort under Swarajya and spent 2000 Hon (the prevailing currency) for its reconstruction. Till independence this fort was under Bhor Sansthan.

SUDHAGAD : The only fort which was considered before Raigad for establishing as the capital of Shiv Swarajya, Sudhagad is a gigantic fort with a huge plateau atop. Tactfully fortified this was one was one of the mightiest and inaccessible fort of that time. A well built temple of Bhoraidevi is the only place for shelter atop. There is deepmal in front of the temple. Few remnants of Tulsi Vrundawan lay in the vicinity.The main attraction on this fort is the Mahadarwaja at Dhomse side which is an exact replica of the Mahadarwaja at Raigad, and still is in good shape.

Journey Details: -

The train scheduled @ 06:15 hrs from Diva that will drop us at Nagothane around 08:32 Hrs. This is Diva-Sawantwadi Passenjar (Konkan Railway) …
Pls be sure abt the timing … Following is timing where train halts … u can catch wherever it is comfortable to u …

06:15 Hrs : – Diva    (Central Line)
07:05 Hrs : – Panvel (Harbour Line)
08:32 Hrs : – Nagothane

Just Check that if u miss the train … u miss the trek with us …
NOTE: - Those who can’t catch the train, can take direct bus to Pali from Thane, Dadar etc. … For them, the meeting point will be Ballaleshwar temple @ 10:00 am
The itinerary for the Event is as given below:

Saturday 12 January 2013
06:15 Hrs : – Diva    (Central Line)
07:05 Hrs : – Panvel (Harbour Line)
08:32 Hrs : – Nagothane
Breakfast in train: U won’t get such a variety of itmes anywhere …
09:30 Hrs: @ Pali by 6-Seater Rick
Ballaleshwar Darshan: One of the Asthavinayak Temple
10.00 Hrs : Start trek to the top
11.45 Hrs : Atop
11.45-13:45 Hrs: Explore fort, Rest and enjoy the view of the surrounding region
13.45 Hrs: Descend 2 base
15:00 Hrs: Lunch @ Pali
16:00 Hrs: Move 2 Thakurwadi
17:30 Hrs: @ Thakurwadi
18:30 Hrs: Ascend Sudhagad – A night Trek
20:30 Hrs: Atop
Prepare Dinner
Sunday 13 January 2013
08:00 Hrs:
Break-fast – Tea
Fort Exploration till 10:30 am
10:30 Hrs: Descend
12:30 Hrs: @ Base
13:30 Hrs: @ Pali for LUNCH
Move 2 Nagothane
15:30 Hrs: @ Nagothane
15:55 Hrs: Catch Roha-Diva Passenjar
18.00 Hrs: @ Panvel
18:55 Hrs: @ Diva

We will be in mumbai around 20:00 hrs ( thats – subjective)

The expenditure for trek is about Rs. 800 / – per head

This includes Nagothane 2 Nagothane fare for Rick, 3 Veg Meals and 2 Refreshments

Things To Carry: -

Breakfast for the day ( a must)
A Water Bottle (~2.5 Ltrs) ( a must)

Bedding ( Compulsory)
Torch with extra batteries ( a must)
Spoon, Plate, Mug (a must)
Camera, Cell Phone, Binoculars (Optional)
Pls avoid wearing Gold and other ornaments
Some ready to eat food. Plum cakes, Biscuits etc.
Good trekking shoes,
Personal basic medical kit (Containing an antiseptic, few bandages, personal medications if any, Antibiotics for stomach infection)

A haversack to put all these things

For confirmation pls reply here or do contact on
Jagdish Patil (O): 09869369836