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Since our Panhala-Pavankhind-Vishalgad Mohim on 13-15 July 2012 batch is already full; For enthu & interested participant, We @ शिखर वेध have planned a 1-day Trek @ Peth / Kothaligad near Karjat on Sunday 15 th July 2012.

Hope 2 c u on Trek …

Brief Introduction about Kothaligad / Peth fort : –

Height: ~ 3100 feet
Grade:  Medium
Time: ~ Maximum 2.5 hrs from Ambivali, Base Village
Location: Karjat region Kothaligad is more commonly known as the fort of Peth because the village of Peth is situated at its base. The pinnacle of the Peth can be seen from the village. It looks like a filed surface. On reaching the top of the fort, we see caves carved in huge rocks. The first one is the cave of Goddess, besides which is a water cistern and the last one is the specious Bhairoba cave. A flat floor and well-sculpted pillars are specialty of the cave. Along the Bhairoba cave, steps are carved leading the pinnacle. Four–Five potholes and some cannon balls are scattered in the fort.  Itinerary for the Trek is as given below: Note: Members are requested to take return ticket till karjat by their own. But please get down @ Neral station
Board the second last compartment from Karjat side which is the second one from CST side
Sunday 15th July 2012

Train Timing
Karjat slow local

CST             : 05:40
Byculla       : 05:48
Dadar         : 05:58
Kurla           : 06:09
Ghatkopar : 06:15
Thane         :06:35
Dombivali  : 06:57
Kalyan        : 07:07
Neral          : 07:44
08:00 : Move 2 Ambivali village by rick 09:00 : @ Ambivali.
Breakfast & Tea Break.
09:45 Hrs : Ascend 11:00 Hrs: @ Peth village12:00 Hrs: Atop
Fort Exploration for 1.5 Hrs
13:30 Hrs:  Descend
14:30 Hrs: Peth Village
Lunch @ Peth wadi .
16:00 Hrs: Descend continue 17:00 Hrs: @ Ambivali
Tea Break
17:30 Hrs: @ Karjat  by rick/bus19:00 Hrs: @ Karjat
From there by local train 2 mumbai We will be in mumbai around 22:00 Hrs (Subjective) The cost of the Trek will be Rs. 300/- per head which includes,
Transportation from Neral to Karjat, Lunch and refreshments as mentioned.
Maximum 25 seats
Things to be carried:
A bottle of water (Atleast 3 Ltrs), (A Must) Some ready to eat food. Plum cakes, Biscuits, etc.
Medicine those if u require usually (Optional)
Good trekking shoes,
A haversack to put in all the things to be carried.
Please avoid wearing Gold and other ornaments.

For confirmation pls reply here or do contact on

Ganesh Gajre : 09773560290

Swapnil Khindare : 09833822903


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