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शिखर वेध have planned Panhala-Pavankhind-Vishalgad Padbhraman Mohim on 15-17th July 2011. This Mohim commomerates Shivaji’s escape from the besieged Panhala to the safety of Vishalgad


Chatrapati Shivaji was under siege of Siddi Johar on Panhala fort from 2nd March 1660. The siege lasted long and all food stocks had finished and made things difficult for Shivaji. It was impossible to defeat the 30000 soldiered troop of Siddi. Shivaji with some 600 mavalas decided to escape to Vishalgad, 65 kms away. It was Ashadi Pournima, with heavy rains falling. Shivaji informed Siddi that he would surrender hence Siddi troops were little careless. Taking advantage Shivaji escaped frm Panhala. He wasn’t safe till he reached Vishalgad. Some how Siddi’s troops spotted Shivaji escape, he immediately sent horsed troops behind him and they got hold of Shivaji, who was later brought to Siddi’s camp. But it was Shivaji’s game plan; person whom they had caught was not Shivaji, but Siva Kashid Navi who was immediately killed. Siddi somehow came to know that Shivaji was on his way to Vishalgad, and so sent troops behind him. Shivaji knew that Siddi’s troops were following him. Baji Prabhu, Shivaji’s loyal sardar decided to stay in Ghod Khind with 300 mavalas, a col were mountain ridges near Vishalgad unite and was the only way to Vishalgad then. Baji with his 300 mavalas had guerilla warfare at Ghodkhind and held the Siddis troops there. They fought bravely till their death. It was only after Baji heard the canon fire indicating safe reach of Shivaji at Vishalgad, he gave his life. It was 21 hour continuous journey from Panhala to Vishalgad. Story didn’t end here; Shivaji had to fight his way to Vishalgad. Vishalgad is a fort difficult to conquer, difficult to lay siege. Also even if siege was laid, one would have enough time to escape to Konkan. Siddi was building siege on Vishalgad, but Shivaji with his diplomatic trick made Adil Shah bring back Siddi Johar.

Other information related with forts & history in details on Mohim

Meeting Point: CST,Mumbai, @ 20:00 Hrs on Thursday 14th July 2011

Thursday 14th July 2011
20:20 Hrs: Departure from CST, Mumbai by Mahalaxmi Express
Friday 15th July 2011

07:20 Hrs: @ Kolhapur
07:45 Hrs: Depart to Panhala by Bus
08:45 Hrs: @ Panhala Atop
Breakfast & T
10:00 hrs: Descend frm Pusati Buruj
11:00 Hrs: @ Turukwadi —~2.5 km Complete
11:30 Hrs: @ Mhalunge Village — ~5 km Complete
12:30 Hrs: @ Mhasai Pathar-Mhasai Temple — ~11 km Complete
13:45 Hrs: @ Kumbharwadi — ~14 km Complete
15:00 Hrs: @ Chapewadi — ~18 km Complete
15:45 Hrs: Start
17:00 Hrs: @ Mandlaiwadi — ~23 km Complete
17:45 Hrs: @ Karapewadi — ~28 km Complete

Dinner & Overnight stay @ Karpewadi … temple/school/village house
Saturday 16th July 2011
Breakfast – Tea

07:15 Hrs: Move
09:30 Hrs: @ Patewadi — ~34 km Complete

15 mins Break
12:00 Hrs: @ Pandherpani — ~44 km Complete
Lunch Break
13:30 Hrs: @ Pavankhind — ~51 km Complete
Pay Tribute to Veer BajiPrabhu Deshpande
16:00 Hrs: Move 2 Vishalgad by Bus / Jeep
16:45 Hrs: @ Vishalgad

Dinner & Overnight stay @ Vishalgad … temple/school/village house
Sunday 17th July 2010
07:00 Hrs: Breakfast + T

07:30 Hrs: Depart 2 Panhala
10:00 Hrs: @ Panhala – Pawangad Exploration
14:00 Hrs: Lunch
15:00 Hrs: Move 2 Kolhapur
16:00 Hrs: @ Kolhapur
Mahalakshmi Darshan
20:30 Hrs: Departure 2 Mumbai by Mahalakshmi Express
Monday 18th July 2011
07:25 Hrs: @ CST

The Estimated expenditure is about Rs. 1400 / -
This includes Mumbai 2 Mumbai fare for Transportation by Indian Railway & Public Transport … All Veg. foods for 3 days … (Excludes Sunday Dinner as ppl can hav Veg / Non-veg meals as per their choice )
Note:- 1) For Pune, Nashik, Satara, Belgaum Participants, the expenditure is Rs 900/- … meeting point would be Kolhapur CBS @ 07:20 Hrs on Friday 15 July 2011
2) Those who want 2 join only for Exploration of Panhala, Pawangad,Vishalgad, AND not on a trek can do so … enroll as far ur convenience …
3) If Travel done by MSRTC Asiad Bus / Private Vehicle the total cost will hike to Rs 1650 /- .. So pls book well in advance so that to & fro tkts till kolhapur by train can be arranged for a comfortable journey

Deposit advance amount of Rs. 600/- on following A/c for tkt reservation
ICICI Bank A/c No.: – 026801521464
Vartak Nagar Branch, Thane (W)
Lasr date for registration: – Till the Railway Tkts r available

Note: Since the endurance level is extremely high there will be a limit for joining the Mohim.
Things To Carry:-
A Water Bottle (~3 Ltrs) (a must)
A Torch with spare set of Battery (a must)
Sleeping mat, bedding (a must)
Extra Pair of Clothes (a must)
100 ml coconut oil (for Shoe bite), Salt, Turmeric powder (for Leeches)
Good trekking shoes; carry extra pair (a must)

Raincheater (Optional)
Camera, Cell Phone, Binoculars (Optional)
Pls avoid wearing Gold and other ornaments
Some ready to eat food. Plum cakes, biscuits etc.
Personal basic medical kit (Containing an antiseptic, few bandages, personal medications if any, Antibiotics for stomach infection)
A haversack to put all these things
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