Dear All,

We @ Shikhar Vedh have arranged a little explored one day trek to Kailasgad Fort on Sunday 8th November 2015

Little info about the fort :

Fort: Kailasgad
Base Village: Vaduste Village, Near Tamhini Ghat
Grade: Easy.
Type: Hill Fort

Kailasgad, is one of the less explored forts of Sahyadri. The purpose of the fort is basically to keep the eyes on the surrounding of Tamhini ghat region. Since there is no known evidences of happening in history about the fort available, very rarely its visited by the trekkers.Fort is Surrounded by backwaters of Mulashi Dam, which makes it a pleasant and mesmerized trek.

Iternary for the Trek as follow

Sunday, 8th November 2015

Meeting point :; Pritam Hotel, DADAR (E) @ 5:45 am

Vashi @ 6:30 am

Break Fast and Tea en-route

Base Village : 10:30am

Introduction session at base 

Start Ascend : 10:30

ATop : 12.30 pm.

Explore the fort and Surrounding & Lunch Time atop

14:00 Hrs: Descend
15:30 Hrs: @ Vaduste Village

Return Journey to Mumbai

En-route evening snacks – Tea

We would be returning to Mumbai by 21:30 Hrs (thats-subjective).

The charges for this trek is Rs 1000/- per head,
Which includes Transportation from Dadar to Dadar, Breakfast-Tea , Evening Refreshments & Shikhar Vedh Charges.

Plz book with advance payment of Rs 500/- per head (Non-refundable).

Deposit money on A/c


ICICI Bank A/c No: 026801521464

Vartak Nagar Branch, Thane (W)

IFSc Code :: ICIC0000268

Last date 2 register: Tuesday 3rd November 2015 till 5 pm OR till da Batch gets full
Here is a list of all the things that we need to carry for the trek:
1. A haversack to put in all the things to be carried. So that one has hands free while trekking.
2. A bottle of water (3 Ltrs).
3. Camera (Optional), Avoid wearing Gold and other jewelry (at own risk)
4. Electoral / Enerzyl powder, 2 Lemon, some snacks & biscuits
5. Personal medicines.
6. A good trekking shoes, wind cheater.
Alcohol drinking is strictly prohibited.
For confirmation, do call on below no or reply here

Jagdish Patil : 9702121373 / 9869369836

Ganesh Gajare : 7738374948 / 9833351478

Dear All

We @ शिखर वेध has arranged 350 ft Rappeling @ Nanacha Angtha, Tented camping @ Naneghat Plateau & Trek to Jivdhan Fort on 21 – 22 November 2015 …

Hope 2 c u with us to NJoy

Brief Introduction about Event:
Place :Nanacha Angtha (Nana’s Thumb), Naneghat
Rappelling Height : 350 ft
Camping: Tent stay on platue
Fort :Jivdhan (3754 ft)

Date :21st and 22nd November 2015 (Leaving on Friday night) 

Naneghat is a mountain located in the Western Ghats range near Junnar. Nanacha Angtha is the highest point at Naneghat which gives awesome view. Height is 350 ft from the cave of naneghat and is famous for Rappelling.
Every measures will be taken to ensure your safety during the activity. Demo secession will be conducted prior to activity.

Rappelling (English Name) also known as abseiling (German Name) is a method of a quick and safe descend after a climb. It’s an act of descending a mountain face by sliding down a rope, which is attached to a harness which is fastened to an overhead projection, with sufficient friction provided to control the speed of descent.

Jivdhan fort : The fort stands at an important position to guard Naneghat. From here any help to Naneghat could reach in less time. It was under Bahmani’s control and after that it went to Nizamshah. In 1636, Nizamshahi was on verge of extinction. Shahajiraje rescued Murtiza, the last Nizam, from Jivdhan and took him to the fort Pemgiri. In 1818, the British captured all the forts and destroyed them. Jivdhan too became a victim and the main entrance was destroyed. Even today the marks of those cannot go unnoticed as we climb the fort.

The Itinerary for the event :-

Day 1: Friday 20th November 2015

1. Meeting Point: 11.15 pm @ Pritam Hotel, Dadar (E)
2. 11:55 pm @ Teen Haat Naka, Thane
Day 2: Saturday 21st November 2015
05:00 Hrs :: @ Base Village Ghatghar
Morning chores & Freshen up
07:00 Hrs :: Breakfast-Tea
Rappelling Activity session starts
Rappelling event till 5.00 pm

Evening Tea
Visit Naneghat Caves

Enjoy the amazing Konkan view Sunset Dusk.

Return to campsite for tea and refreshments
20:30 Hrs :: Dinner time
22:00 Hrs :: Camp fire session
23:30 Hrs :: Retire in Tents as allocated.

Day 3: Sunday 22nd November 2015
06:30 Hrs :: Wake up call
Morning Chores & freshen up
07:15 Hrs :: Breakfast -Tea

08:00 Hrs :: Trek starts to Jivdhan fort

10:00 Hrs :: Atop

Exploration -Time

12:00 Hrs :: Descend

13:30 Hrs :: Lunch time

14:30 Hrs :: Return journey to Mumbai

We will be in Mumbai around 20:00 hrs (that’s-subjective)

The Cost of the Event is : Rs 3000/- per head

Which includes:
1. Travel from Mumbai till Base Village & Back (Non-A/c)
2. 3 Meals, 3 Refreshment (Veg), Tea or Coffee while Travel
3. Tented Accommodation
4. Rappelling Activity Charges
5. All Technical gear and equipment,
6. Services of expert instructors.

1. Mineral Water or any beverages
2. Anything not mentioned in Inclusions

For Vehicle booking & other arrangement …

Plz do advance payment of Rs 1500/- per head (Non-refundable).

Deposit money on A/c


ICICI Bank A/c No: 026801521464

Vartak Nagar Branch, Thane (W)

IFSc Code :: ICIC0000268

Last date 2 register: Tuesday 10th November 2015 till 5 pm OR till da Batch gets full


Things to be carried:
1. Photo ID (Must)
2. Good shoes (Shoes Compulsory)
3. Water 3 liters (must)

4. Camera (Optional), Avoid wearing GOLD and other jewelry (At own risk)
5. Electoral powder, 2 Lemon, some snacks & biscuits
6. Extra pairs of clothes and socks. We Recommend full length clothes
7. Scarf for Ladies is a MUST while rappelling.
8. Personal medicines & mosquito’s cream.
9 Torch with extra batteries (a must)
10. Shoulder Sack
11. Plate/Glass/Spoon (a must)
12. Bedding ( a must)


For confirmation pls reply here or do contact on

Jagadish Patil: 09869369836 / 09702121373 (Whtsapp)
Registrations are only through phone calls.
If call not attended, then please send us a message “Naneghat Rappeling & Camping”. We will call you back once we are free.

Terms and Conditions:
■ it is up to the individual to arrange their own holiday / accident insurance & each adult would be asked to sign a liability waiver.
■ All our treks are Eco-friendly treks; kindly take care of nature around us. Drinking alcohol during trek is strictly prohibited if anyone found doing that will be expelled from trek without refund.

SHIKHAR VEDH is not liable in any way whatsoever for any injury or loss (including any indirect or consequential loss) of any kind to person or property suffered by any participant whether by reason of any act or omission, deliberate or negligent, including injury or loss incurred while participating in any activity of the Shikhar Vedh or in any activity in which participants are invited to participate.

Dear All,
We @ शिखर वेध has arranged much awaited Rajgad to Torna Trek on 7-8 November 2015

Cost of the event :: Rs 2200/- per head

Dadar 2 Dadar by private vehicle, FOOD & Tented Accommodation
Next Batch 2 :: 12-13 December 2015
Brief Introduction about Rajgad / Torna:-

Height:  4182 ft / 4200 ft
Grade:  Medium/Medium
Time: ~ Maximum 2 / 3 hrs from base villages Gunjavane / Velhe
Location: Pune

RAJGAD – The name describes the place itself. The King of all the forts. 
It is to the south-west 40 Kms from Pune. It boasts the highest number of days stayed by Chhatrapati Shivaji on any fort. He spent almost 25/30 yrs here. Rajgad is famous for its construction. The fort can be divided into four different parts based on geographical terrain and fortification. These are the three sub-plateaux (Machee) namely Padmavati Machee, Suvela Machee and Sanjevani Machee, and at the centre is the Ballekilla. 

Padmavati Machee (north end) : This machee is the site of Padmavati Temple, Padmavati Lake, Chor Darwaja, Pali Darwaja, Gunjavane Darwaja, Daru Kothar (storage of arms and ammunition), Diwankhana, Rajwada (ruins), Ghod Tale (Horse Lake), Sadar (office) and Dhalkathi (flag hoisting place).

Sanjeevani Machee (southwest/west end) : This huge, beautiful and royally constructed machee faces west and has a three-stepped (layered) fortified structure. Each of the lower levels is separated from the higher one by a fortified bastion with a gate that could be defended independently. The lowest level is beautifully fortified by double curtain walls (chilkhathi) separated by a deep trench, on average 12 feet across. One can walk between these walls. The outer wall has openings to let soldiers out for sudden attack.

Suvela Machee (south east) : This is another grand machee facing east with lots of secret routes and doorways. This one is a double-stepped fortified machee with the steps separated by a beautiful bastioned doorway. At the end of first step a hole cuts across the rock; one can sit in this hole (nedhe). The final (lowest) step like Sanjeevani Machee has a double curtain wall. To the south side of this machee one can see a beautiful triangular bastion called Kaleswari buruz having an escape door near it. The home of the renowned military leader Tanaji Malusare was in this machee.

Bale Killa (centre) : This is the highest part of the fort which has remains of palaces, water cisterns and caves. It has a beautiful entrance door called Mahadarwaja. One can view the whole fort and the vast surrounding expanse.

TORNA :- The fort is also known as Prachandagad (huge fort), due to its massive size. In 1646, when Shivaji was 16, he launched his first military attack by capturing Torna fort, paving the way for the great empire. Many battles have been fought on this fort. The fort is truly grand and stretches for couple of kilometers.

Fascinating points on Torna fort:

Goddess Toranjai: it is a simple temple where goddesses Somjai and Toranjai are worshiped. Ahead we can see the lakes toran and mhasoba.

Maal and Safeli Bastions: On the west of Kothji Darwaja are the bastion maal, and the latter one is to the south of the former. Near Safeli is the construction called lakadkhaana, where wood was stored. Here is the way to Kokan Darwaja and Budhla Machi.

Budhla Machi: In Marathi ‘budhla’ means vessel, and budhla machi looks like a vessel kept upside down. This cliff is a breathtaking spot on the fort.

Bini Darwaja: This is the main entrance to the fort from velhe and is situated to the northwest of the fort. The bastion on the left side has collapsed. The path ahead leadsto the Kothi Darwaja.

Kothi Darwaja: Ascending the steps carved in the rock, we enter the Kothi Darwaja facing east. Here we come across some guard rooms. Way along the wall towards east takes us to the temple of goddess Toranjai.

Hanuman Bastion: This bastion is situated to the east of Kothi Darwaja. Here we can see the idol of hanuman facing south and a flag post. The way ahead leads to the bastion Bhel. Further eastwards we come to Zunjar Machi.

Temple of goddess Mengai: this is the only place on the fort where one can stay. It has two doors and the roof is stillin the needs of repairs. In front of the temple is a Deepmala.

Zunjar Machi: It is situated on the western side & a wonderful spot to see.

The itinerary for the Trek is as given below: 


Pritam Hotel, Dadar (E) @ 22:45 Hrs on Friday 6th Nov 2015
23:00 Hrs: Departure from Dadar
Pick-ups en-route Sion, Chembur, Vashi, Belapur etc. 
Saturday 7th Nov 2015
05:00 Hrs : @ Gunjavane, Base Village
Finish off Morning activities , Breakfast & Tea
06:30 Hrs : Ascend to Rajgad
08:45 Hrs : Atop Rajgad

Explore Padmavati machi, Balekilla & Suvela Machi
13:00 Hrs : Lunch time @ Padmavati Temple
14:30 Hrs : Move 2 Sanjivani Machi

Explore Sanjivani Machi
16:15 Hrs : Descend from Alu Darwaja
18:30 Hrs : @ Paal-Khind 

Retire for da day & Prepare Dinner & Tented accommodation … 
Note: 1 Tent will be distributed among 3-4 ppls group as per size and They have to carry out the burden of same alternately till the trek ends.

Sunday 8th Nov 2015
05:00 Hrs : Wake up call
Finish off Morning activities

06:30 Hrs : Breakfast – Tea
06:30 Hrs : Move to Torna

10:30 Hrs : Torna Atop
Explore Torna gad, Lunch, Rest 

14:00 Hrs : Descend
16:30 Hrs : Refreshment – Tea
17:00 Hrs : Start return journey back 2 Mumbai by private vehicle

We will be @ Dadar by 22:30 Hrs (Subjectively)

The Estimated expenditure of the trek is Rs 2200/- per head, which includes Travel expenditure from Dadar 2 Dadar by private vehicle, 3 veg meals, Refreshments & Tented accommodation

For registration, Rs. 1000/- (Non-Refundable) as advance payment for vehicle charges & Food arrangement is a must …
Deposit the amount on following account.

ICICI Bank A/c No.: – 026801521464
Vartak Nagar Branch, Thane (W)

IFSC Code : ICIC0000268

Maximum 25 seats …
Last date for confirmation with advance payment is on Tuesday 3rd November, 2015 till 5 pm
Things To Be carried:

A bottle of water (Atleast 3 Ltrs – must),
TORCH with extra batteries (Compulsory),
Bedding ( Compulsory)
TIFFIN BOX, A spoon and a plate (a must)
Towel, a napkin, Extra Pair of clothes,
2-3 papers, Cap, etc.
Some ready to eat food. Plum cakes, Biscuits etc.
Medicine those if u require usually (Optional)
Good trekking shoes, extra pair of socks
A haversack to put in all the things to be carried….so that one has ones hands free while trekking.

For confirmation pls reply here or do contact on
Jagadish Patil: 09869369836 / 09702121373 (Whtsapp)
Also join us @
Facebook Group:


Dear All,
We @ शिखर वेध has arranged our Favourite destination Trek to Sandhan Valley exploration cum rappelling event – Valley of Shadow Trek on 31 Oct -1 November 2015
NEXT Batch Dates ::

Batch 2 :: 7-8 November 2015
Batch 3 :: 14-15 November 2015
Batch 4 :: 21-22 November 2015
Batch 5 :: 28-29 November 2015
Batch 6 :: 5-6 December 2015
Batch 7 :: 12-13 December 2015
Batch 8 :: 19-20 December 2015
Batch 9 :: 25-26 December 2015
Batch 10 :: 26-27 December 2015
Event Cost :: Rs 1600/- per head
Repeaters of SANDHAN with SV :: Rs 1400/- per head
Hope 2 cu on trek with me to NJoy again ;-)

Brief Intro about Sandhan:-

Height:~ 4100 ft

Grade: Medium with Thrill
Time: ~ 0.5 hrs from Samrad
Location: Bhandardara region

SANDHAN” …. is a beautiful place situated in the Western Ghats  near Ratangad. Amidst the water carved valley of 50 to 500 feet deep and around two km long. Experience the heart throbbing crossing of 4 ft deep water pool in the way of  rock floored water carved valley. 
This will be your memorable trek.

Also you will get chance to Rappel down four small patches to reach the base of SANDHAN VALLEY.

Trek Details:

DAY 1 :: Friday 30 October 2015

Rendezvous : On Telecon

22:50 Hrs :CST
22:57Hrs: Byculla
23:04 Hrs: Dadar
23:12 Hrs: Kurla
23:16 Hrs: Ghatkopar
23:31 Hrs: Thane
23:55 Hrs: Dombivali
Saturday 31 October 2015
00:05 Hrs: Kalyan
01:18 Hrs: Kasara

Depart 2 Samrad by Private vehicle

04:00 Hrs : – @ Samrad

Rest for 2 hours
Breakfast-T Time
07:30 Hrs — Move 2 Sandhan
08:00 Hrs — Enter in Sandhan Valley
We have to go through abt 4-5 feet deep water for about 25-30 meters on the way … its real fun-thrill
Pls do carry extra clothes for da same … 
12:30 Hrs — Rappelling of 50 ft patch
Lunch time mid way
& then 2 more patches of 20 feet 2 rappel .. 
17:30 Hrs —  Settle at base
Dinner & Campfire
Stay in open … near a natural swimming pool
Day 2 :: Sunday 1 November 2015
Wake Up early
08:30 Hrs — Breakfast-Tea
10:00 Hrs — Trek towrds Dehne
12:00 Hrs — @ Dehne
Lunch time
14:00 Hrs — @ Move Asangaon by public transport
16:00 Hrs — @ Asangaon station
We will be in Dadar around 19:00 hrs ( thats – subjective) … depends on Mega block things

The cost for the entire EVENT is about Rs. 1600 /- per head

Includes Transportation from Kasara 2 Asangaon, 2 meals & Refreshments +  Rappeling Charges

Please book yourself with advance payment of Rs. 1000/- (Non-refundable) …  Deposit the amount on following account.
ICICI Bank A/c No.: – 026801521464
Vartak Nagar Branch, Thane (W)
IFSC Code : ICIC0000268
Seats r limited …
Last date to register with advance payment is Tuesday 27 October 2015 till 5 pm
Its a group activity so each and every member will be allotted some or other responsibility. Pls do keep space for 1kg at least in your bag.
Previous memories in form of snaps of our NEW Year special event to Sandhan

Things To Carry:-

Pls Do carry Lunch for Saturday (a must)
A Water Bottle (~3 Ltrs) (a must)
1 torch (a must) with spare battereies
Sleeping Mat – Bags (a must)
Tiffin Box, Plate, Spoon ( a must)
Extra Pair of clothes (a must)

Camera, Cell Phone, Binoculars (Optional)
Pls avoid wearing Gold and other ornaments
Some ready to eat food. Plum cakes, biscuits etc.
Good trekking shoes preferably Action, do carry a extra pair as well
Personal basic medical kit (Containing an antiseptic, few bandages, personal medications if any, Antibiotics for stomach infection)

A haversack to put all these things

For confirmation pls reply here or do contact on

Jagadish Patil: 09869369836 / 09702121373 (Whtsapp)
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Dear All

We @ शिखर वेध have planned a 1-day Trek @ Peth / Kothaligad near Karjat on Saturday 10 th October 2015

Hope 2 c u on Trek …

Brief Introduction about Kothaligad / Peth fort : –

Height: ~ 3100 feet
Grade:  Medium
Time: ~ Maximum 2.5 hrs from Ambivali, Base Village
Location: Karjat region

Kothaligad is more commonly known as the fort of Peth because the village of Peth is situated at its base. The pinnacle of the Peth can be seen from the village. It looks like a filed surface. On reaching the top of the fort, we see caves carved in huge rocks. The first one is the cave of Goddess, besides which is a water cistern and the last one is the specious Bhairoba cave. A flat floor and well-sculpted pillars are specialty of the cave. Along the Bhairoba cave, steps are carved leading the pinnacle. Four–Five potholes and some cannon balls are scattered in the fort.

Itinerary for the Trek is as given below:

Note: 1) Mumbai Members are requested to take return ticket till karjat by their own. But please get down @ Neral station
Board the second last compartment from Karjat side which is the second one from CST side
Saturday 10th October 2015
Train Timing
Karjat fast local

CST             : 06:10
Byculla       : 06:18
Dadar         : 06:24
Kurla           : 06:31
Ghatkopar : 06:35
Thane         :06:50
Dombivali  : 07:02
Kalyan        : 07:10
Karjat          : 08:00


Move 2 Ambivali village by rick

09:15 : @ Ambivali


Breakfast & Tea Break


09:45 Hrs : Ascend

11:00 Hrs: @ Peth village

12:00 Hrs: Atop
Fort Exploration for 1.5 Hrs
13:30 Hrs:  Descend
14:30 Hrs: Peth Village

Lunch @ Peth wadi


16:00 Hrs: Descend continue

17:00 Hrs: @ Ambivali

17:30 Hrs: Move by tumtum

19:00 Hrs: @ Karjat

From there by local train 2 mumbai


We will be in mumbai around 22:00 Hrs (Subjective)


The cost of the Trek will be Rs. 600/- per head which includes, Transportation from Karjat to Karjat, B/f-Tea and Lunch as mentioned. 
Maximum 30 seats
Things to be carried:

A bottle of water (Atleast 3 Ltrs), (A Must)

Some ready to eat food. Plum cakes, Biscuits, etc.
Medicine those if u require usually (Optional)
Good trekking shoes preferably ACTION,
A haversack to put in all the things to be carried.
Please avoid wearing Gold and other ornaments.

For confirmation pls reply here or do contact on

Jagdish Patil : 09869369836 / 09702121373


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