प्रौढ़प्रताप, पुरंदर गो ब्राह्मण प्रतिपालक, हिन्दवी स्वराज्य संस्थापक, क्षत्रिय कुलभूषण, सिन्हासनाधिश्वर, राजा धिराज, महाराज, योगिराज, श्रीमंत, श्री छत्रपति शिवाजी महाराज की, जय …….. जय भवानी, जय शिवाजी ……. हर हर महादेव !!!!

Dear all,

शिखर वेध initiate monsoon trek schedule 2011 with a Trek to Shivteertha Raigad fort – The capital of Hindvi Swarajya on Sunday 12th – Monday 13th June 2011 to witness the SHIVRAJYABHISHEKH SOHLA (तिथीनुसार)

Interested people do join us …
Hope 2 c u on trek !!!

Brief Introduction abt Raigad:-
Height:Abt 2900 ft
Time:~2 hrs from Pachad near Mahad
Location:Raigad Range

Fort Raigad is much more than a mere tourist spot. It is a sacred place of pilgrimage, which has left an imprint of the grand vision of Hindavi Swarajya as cherished by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.”
Fort Raigad was the capital of the most illustrious Maratha sovereign,nurtured by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.It is a monument of his prophetic vision of Hindavi Swarajya.

Sightseeing :
The first main place on the fort is the main door – ‘Maha Darawaja‘. After the main door, Ganga sagar and some remains of the palace can be seen. Hirkani Buruj can also be seen and one don’t believe the heroic deeds of Hirkani (she came down the fort bare footed at night from this point). The famous ‘Takmak Tok’ or place for life punishment – is on the north side. Its thrilling to stand near Takmak Tok which is always with full of breeze. One can see the ammunition store here. The market place on the fort is worth to watch and history lovers spends time here recalling the great warrior.

The statue of ‘Shivaji Maharaj’ is situated at the center of the fort. The Samadhi of Maharaj is also very beautiful and one can remember Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and his contribution and full dedication to Swaraj. The other places to visit on the fort are Jagdishwar Temple, Koli Lake, Shirkai Temple etc. The view of ‘Lingana’ is also wonderful.

Itinerary for the Trek is as given below:

Rendezvous: Borivali National Park Gate, Borivali (E) @ 22:45 Hrs on Saturday June 11, 2011

Departure from Borivali @ 23:00 Hrs
Pick ups enroute Andheri, sion, kurla, chembur, vashi, panvel etc.

Sunday 12th June 2011

05:30 Hrs – Pachad Base Village, Raigad Fort …
Breakfast / Tea
06:30 Hrs – Ascend
08:30 Hrs – Atop Raigad
Exploration on fort
13:00 Hrs – Lunch
14:30 Hrs – Descend ( 1- day batch return to mumbai)
16:30 Hrs – Base
Visit to Jijamata Samadhi @ Pachad
17:30 Hrs: Depart to Mumbai
19:00 Hrs – Evening snacks & T @ Hotel Ruchi, Nagothane
22:30 Hrs – Back 2 Borivali (Subjective)

Monday 13th June 2011 ( Not a Holiday … u have to take a leave in advance )


समस्त शिवप्रमींना तिथीनुसार १३ जूनला साजरा होणार्‍या भव्य राज्याभिषेक सोहळयास श्री शिवराजाभिषेक दिनोत्सव समिती तर्फे जाहीर कार्यक्रम :

रविवार, दिनांक १२ जून २०११

सकाळी – ८.०० वा – शिर्काईजवळ साकडे, नारळ, सुपारी पान, गार्हासणे व पुजा सकाळी – ८.०० वा – श्रीराजा शंभुछत्रपती महाराज जयंती उत्सव
दुपारी – १.०० वा – महाराजांची या मूर्ती पालखीसहित श्री जगदीश्वराच्या दर्शनासाठी मंदीरात नेणे.
श्रीजगदिश्वर मंदिरात होम – हवन, पूजा – अर्चा, गणेशपूजन, पुण्यवाचन, वगैरे.
श्रीजगदिश्वर मंदिराच्या प्रांगणात – (मर्दानी खेळ / पोवाडे, इ.)
सायं – ४.०० वा – पूजा
सायं – ५.०० वा – शिर्काई मंदिर येथे शिवरायांच्या तुलादानाचा कार्यक्रम.
रात्री – ९.३० वा – शाहिरी व सांस्कृतिक कार्तक्रम होतील. रात्री सिंहासनाची सजावट करणे

सोमवार, दिनांक १३ जून २०११

सकाळी – ५.०० वा – पालखी ध्वजारोहण, औक्षण, महायज्ञ, पूजन करून जिल्हा परिषदेकडून नगारखान्याकडे प्रस्थान करणे
सकाळी – ५.४५ वा – नगारखान्यासमोर ध्वजारोहण सोहळा
सकाळी – ६.०० वा – श्रीशिवराय़ांनी विधिपूजन, पंचामृत स्नान, सप्त्गंगा स्नान, ओवाळणी, शस्त्रपूजन, औक्षण करणे, वेदघोषात सिंहासनारोहण, मुद्राभिषेक, छ्त्रधारण, शिवललकारी, शाहिरी नमन श्री शिवदर्शन सोहळा –
डावीकडील बाजूस – ओटी भरणे.
सकाळी – ८.०० वा – शाही मिरवणूक (शिर्काई मंदिर – होळीचा माळ – शस्त्र प्रदर्शन , मर्दानी खेळ – शाही मिरवणूक मार्ग – होळीच्या माळावरून – बाजारपेठ – ब्राम्हण वाडे – जगदिश्वर मंदिराच्या नगारखान्यातून जगदिश्वर मंदिर.)
सकाळी – ११.०० वा – होळीचा माळ येथे नैवेद्य – पसायदान समारोह – महाप्रसाद गडाची स्वच्छता व सामानांची व्यवस्था करून कार्यक्रमाची सांगता.

14:30 Hrs – Descend ( 2- day batch return to mumbai)
16:30 Hrs – Base
Visit to Jijamata Samadhi @ Pachad
17:30 Hrs: Depart to Mumbai
19:00 Hrs – Evening snacks & T @ Hotel Ruchi, Nagothane
22:30 Hrs – Back 2 Borivali (Subjective)

The estimated expenditure is about Rs. 750 / – ( for 1 day event) and Rs. 1000 / – ( for 2 day event)
This includes Transportation Charges by private vehicle (Borivali to Borivali), All foods & refreshments

Advance amount of Rs. 500/- for booking the vehicle is a must !!!

Please deposit same amount on following details:

ICICI bank a/c no : 026801521464
Vartak nagar branch, Thane(w)

Last date 2 confirm yourself for the event with advance payment is Friday 3rd June 2010 till 5 pm

1) There will be 2 batches for the event
Batch 1:
Will leave from Mumbai on Saturday late Night & Return to Mumbai on Sunday Night by Exploring Raigad Fort.
Batch 2: Will leave from Mumbai on Saturday late Night, Explore Raigad Fort, Stay Atop, Attend Rajyabhishekh Sohla & will return to Mumbai on Monday Night
2) Those who r staying back for 2 days will have to sleep in the open space as accommodation in Z.P. won’t be possible due to crowd
3) Those who want to take rope-way route instead of regular trek route can also join … rope way charge is to be borne by the participant.
4) Smoking and consumption of liquor is strictly prohibited

Things To Carry: -
Please do carry ur bedding, Sleeping mat/bags [MUST]
A Water Bottle (~3 Ltrs) a must

Camera, Cell Phone (Optional)
Pls avoid wearing Gold and other ornaments
New Cells and a Good working Torch
Some ready to eat food. Plum cakes, Biscuits etc.
Medicine those if u require usually (Optional)
A good trekking shoes, extra pair of socks
A haversack to put all these things
For confirmation pls reply here or do contact on

Jagdish Patil: 09869369836

Also join us @
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_181834891865933&ap=1
Website: http://shikharvedh.org/
Orkut community: http://www.orkut.co.in/Main#Community.aspx?cmm=20439777
Mumbai Hikers: http://mumbaihikers.net/shikharvedh/

With Warm Wishes

Jagadish Patil

Cell No:- 09869369836